Octopus Deploy

I'm happy to announce that I've joined forces with the amazing developers at Octopus Deploy. It's a fantastic product and if you havn't heard of them yet make sure you take a look.

Deployments are such an important part of every project, yet they're often overlooked until the last minute. Even the best of us make mistakes and when we're under the pressure of a new deployment things can easily be rushed or forgotten. Often resulting in more deployments. Which is just one reason why automated deployments and Octopus Deploy is such an important part of my toolset.

I think that all deployments should be automated. Once you start automating deployments, you can guarantee they're consistently fast and reliable. Automating deployments isn't just about making them faster either. It opens up possibilities that simply weren't there before.

I'm glad I'll get to contribute some of my ideas in this space, and help make automated deployments a part of everyone's toolset.

Daniel LittleWritten by Daniel Little