About Daniel Little

I'm a Software Engineer based in Brisbane Australia, with a focus on developing web based systems. I enjoy functional programming, domain driven design, distributed systems and event sourcing. But most of all I enjoy solving problems. As a developer I have the ability to create something from nothing. To make peoples jobs and lives, better and more enjoyable. It's an amazing feeling to make a real impact to companies and people everyday.

In software development, you never get far alone. The best software is backed by amazing teams built on trust, empathy and humility. These teams know that working software is the best measure of progress; you must deliver working software frequently. They know technical excellence always aligns with the business objectives; you can't go faster by cutting corners. And they know communication is the most crucial element in software development.

I value good work culture because people and technology are intrinsically intertwined. I know having context is key for building great software and I try to always optimise for people. I believe technical excellence always aligns with the business objectives and I value and strive to be more authentic to share and discover real stories.

You can find me on twitter at https://twitter.com/daniellittledev

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