Ninject and Singletons in the WebAPI with Scopes

The new Activation Blocks in Ninject are great for automatically resolving dependencies in the request scope. However they suffer from one flaw which is they don't respect Constant or Singletons in fact they ignore the scope completely!

In my application I needed a reference my dependency injection container in one of my objects. This would end up throwing Error loading Ninject component ICache at the end of the request because now I had two kernels. Not good at all however I still had hope.

Luckily there is one type of binding the ActivationBlock can't ignore. The ToMethod binding. So now I can make a small ScopedResolver class which I can then inject into my class instead.


kernel.Bind<ScopedResolver>().ToMethod(x => {
    return new ScopedResolver((IActivationBlock)x.GetScope());


public class ScopedResolver
	IActivationBlock resolver;

	public ScopedResolver(IActivationBlock resolver)
		this.resolver = resolver;

	public T TryGet<T>()
		return resolver.TryGet<T>();

Daniel LittleWritten by Daniel Little